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Minnesota Short Sales Help Homeowners

A Short Sale Minimizes Homeowner Losses
Did you know your bank may consider a short sale
and it won't cost you?
 This means the bank may accept less than you owe on your home
 if you are experiencing any of these unfortunate circumstances:

Upside down on your mortgage
Mortgage increase or adjustment
Reduced income
Medical emergencies
Sudden illness
Death of a spouse
Military service

Little work is needed from you.
Typically, Minnesota sellers just gather their financial information and documents. 


Short Sale Benefits 

Reduce your debt
Limit bad marks on your credit

Sell your home for less than you owe
Be eligible to buy again in 2 years
MHA HAFA program lender no cost to seller
Don’t pay taxes on balance -
Debt Relief Act 2007


Why not ease your financial stress!
Reduce your debt!

The current Minnesota real estate market and your financial situation
 may make you a good candidate for a short sale.


Short Sale vs Foreclosure 


Short Sale is less costly
Short Sale is often quicker
Short Sale repurchase 2 years 

Short Sale has less credit damage 
Short Sale allows you to live in it until it closes
Minnesota Attorney General Facing Foreclosure 


My business model is centered around building your case
 and facilitating the quickest sale!

I prepare and handle lender negotiations, paperwork, and timelines.
I will list and market your property.
 I will help the Buyer Agent understand the circumstances.
I am with you every step of the way from listing your home on the market to closing!

And if you need a home to go to I can help with locating a rental,
rent-to-own, or contract for deed.


About Me

 Highly experienced working with banks and lenders -
 upper management and staff.

 I understand the complexities in Short Sale negotiations, paperwork packages, and sales.    
 Strong negotiating, finance, pricing, and contract skills.
 Quick to respond and offer regular communication with seller
to stay informed.

 Quick to respond to lender questions and answers.
 Regular communication with lender. 
Community Activity:
Affordable Housing Committee Member 1992
 Affordable Housing Committee Chairman 1993
 Affordable Homes Congress Co-founder 1994
Affordable Housing Committee Vice Chairman 1995
Mortgage Association of MN Board of Directors Member 1998-2001 / 2004-2007
Fannie Mae Lender Advisory Committee Member 1998-2003
Affordable Housing Committee Chairman 1998-2001
Subcommittee Chairman Dedicated to Consumer Advocacy 
Minnesota Housing and Finance Lender Advisory Committee  2005
Affordable Housing Committee Chairman 2005

Began real estate career 1985
20 yrs experience as a residential mortgage finance trainer/speaker 
26 yrs experience specializing in lender negotiations and
keeping offers together. 
Realtor® trained in Short Sales - I'm not an investor!

Center for Asset Preservation Short Sale Certified
Harris Real Estate University

  MInnesota Short Sale Comfort Level HIGH!  


  There is no cost or obligation to chat with me. Know your options!
Bob Elliot - Licensed Real Estate Professional 612.578.6162 

*I am a REALTOR® providing short sale service, not loan modification
service, at no cost to you.

Important Notice: Bob Elliot - Realtor® RES Realty is not associated
with the government, and our service is not approved by the government
or your lender. Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender
may not agree to change your loan. If you stop paying your mortgage, you
could lose your home and damage your credit rating.

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